Spirit Of Sharing (S.O.S.) is dedicated to helping military families, primarily in Southern California who need some assistance during the holiday season and in special cases throughout the year. S.O.S. has traditionally focused on military families with children and puts a special emphasis on military families that have been, or are being, deployed abroad. These families sacrifice so much for all of us throughout the year, and that burden becomes even more significant when either one or both parents must leave their family to go into harm’s way. It is a great honor and privilege to participate in making these families’ season and lives a little brighter and warmer throughout the year.

S.O.S. strives to build a relationship with each family to gain better insight and understanding of individual and familial needs and interests. During the holidays, each family is generally provided with several weeks’ worth of groceries and all of the goodies that make the holiday season so warm, comforting, and special. S.O.S. also provides each child in these families with age appropriate and personal gifts including clothing, educational materials, and toys. Each gift is individually wrapped and labeled by our wonderful volunteers and personally delivered at Christmas.

S.O.S. also provides assistance throughout the year to military families in need of emergency assistance. We also have a food bank onsite with an assortment of non-perishable food items, diapers, wipes, toiletries, etc.

Since 1998, Spirit Of Sharing (S.O.S.) has brought holiday magic to nearly 850 local military families in Southern California, including over 1,500 military children! In 2016 alone we helped 238 military families and 672 military children, more than doubling the number of families and children helped in 2015. 

You can contact us year round at spiritofsharing@gmail.com or at (760) 859-5911 or (760) 726-8100 .